We reside in the same communities, eat at the same restaurants, workout at the same gym, conduct business together, and may not be aware we are in the presence of a fellow brother(s). We come from a myriad of different backgrounds and chapters, but we all are connected through a common bond; we are brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi. ¬†This should never be forgotten or neglected and we are here to make sure that is never lost. With over 10,000 Alumni living within the greater Los Angeles area, it is time to utilize our connections, meet one another’s families, mentor the young, reminisce on our past, and to create new memories. ¬†Alpha Epsilon Pi’s most hallowed quote, “a commitment for a lifetime” has lead us to the creation of the first AEPi Los Angeles Alumni group.

With the Los Angeles country serving so many Brothers with an array of chapter backgrounds, this site will allow all alumni to know what’s going on in your local communities, as well as keep you updated with the local chapters and their alumni activities. Together we will strengthen our bonds to the community, while providing a wealth of networking opportunities, a support system for new Alumnus, a fun social outlet, an extended family outlet, and so much more. We are confident with the development of this group we will be able to unite all Alumni and make AEPi a more connected part of our lives.

At this time we ask you to please make sure to update your information for our records. By filling out the information you will be notified of all events occurring within the Los Angeles greater Area. Be sure to share this information with any fellow alumni in the area. If you are also interested in taking on a more integral role please let us know! We would be more than happy to get more involvement from fellow alumni.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!!!